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Wild game managment

Mineral supplemented feed for hoofed game

This feed is meant as a daily supplement for hoofed game with mineral substances and vitamins to strengthen their health and improve the quality of trophies.
  • Complementary feed for red deer and fallow deer
  • Complementary feed for roe deer
  • Complementary feed for moufflons
  • Complementary feed for female deer and support of growth of antlers
  • Instant licks for bisulcate deer

Supplementary feed for adult pheasants

Protemix BŽ
Supplements pheasant´ feed with proteins, amino acids, mineral substances and vitamins. It is particularly suitable for hens during the egg-laying period.

Complete food for hunting dogs – Hubert

A well-balanced special formula developed for the activities of hunting dogs. Hubert is extremely tasty thanks to the high-quality meat and fat contained in it. Together with cereals and an optimal amount of vitamins and macro-nutrients, it guarantees the prime condition and vitality of dogs used for hunting. This food contains L-carnitine for the perfect development of muscles, strengthening the function of the heart and excellent physical condition of the hunting dog.
Hubert 15+3 kg
  • boosts activity when excited (e.g. during the hunt)
  • inhibits fatigue
  • stimulates heart activity
  • ensures excellent physical condition
  • helps overcome stress
Packaging 3 and 15 kg.
more information about Hubert here