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Complete line of dog food

EMINENT - breeders’ series of high-quality dog foods

The individual food formulas are adapted to the size and age of the dog. The nutritional demands of the individual dog breed differ based on their size. The formulas of Eminent dog food are adapted accordingly and fully cover the specific needs of the organism in individual stages of life. The Eminent brand contains special raw ingredients such as coconut oil and beet pulp which have a positive effect on the digestive tract. High-quality meat from poultry and fish is an excellent source of proteins and good for the animals condition; the addition of essential amino acids, namely lysine and methionine, influence the production and function of muscles. Special additions, including 20 micro-nutrients and vitamins, boost the optimal condition of the organism and help maintain good health into old age.
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  • high-quality meat from poultry, fish or lamb
  • mannanoligosaccharides (MOS), coconut oil
  • chelate forms (for better digestion) of some mineral elements – Zn, Se, Mn
  • flaxseed
  • chondroitine, glucosamine, taurine, L-carnitine, Yucca and others
Packaging 3 and 15 kg. more information here

EMINENT PUPPY MILK - dried milk of high quality intended as a supplement for puppies and for artificial rearing without the mother

Eminent Puppy Milk develops the immune system, the skeleton and muscles, and ensures intensive growth and the excellent health of your puppy. Eminent
  • L-carnitine for the development of muscles and strengthening the function of the heart
  • high content of dairy components
  • does not contain soybean-protein concentrate
  • probiotic culture Enterococcus faecium to strengthen the function of the digestive tract
  • acidified to pH 5.8, prevention against diarrhoea
  • optimal proportion of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and mineral substances
  • extremely tasty with high digestibility
  • simple preparation, very good solubility
Packaging 0,5 and 2 kg.

HUBERT - complete food for hunting dogs

A well balanced special formula developed the activities of hunting dogs. Hubert is extremely tasty thanks to the high-quality meat and fat contained in it. Together with cereals and an optimal amount of vitamins and macro-nutrients, it guarantees the prime condition and vitality of dogs used for hunting. This food contains L-carnitine for the perfect development of muscles, strengthening the function of the heart and excellent physical condition of the hunting dog.
  • boosts activity when excited (e.g. during the hunt)
  • inhibits fatigue
  • stimulates heart activity
  • ensures excellent physical condition
  • helps overcome stress
Packaging 3 and 15 kg. more information here

SECURITY and Security Plus - complete line of food for service dogs

The working dog must maintain good performance and endurance and concentrate on the assigned task. These specially selected and treated high-quality raw ingredients guarantee excellent digestibility and cover the entire needs of working dogs.
Packaging 15 kg.
more information here

APORT, APORT DELIKATES – complete line of food for puppies and adult dogs

APORT dog food containes tasty meat for proper conditioning, cereals for energy, oil and fat for healthy and beautiful hair coat, and vitamins and trace elements for health. APORT ensures balanced and high-quality nutrition for every day.
Packaging 3 and 10 kg.
APORT Delikates provides complete nutrition for adult dogs with a special meaty sauce created by adding water. As soon as the food absorbs the water it creates a unique aroma which your dog will find hard to resist. APORT Delikates is a new product i