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Quality policy and HACCP

  1. The primary objective of Tekro, Ltd. is to maintain the high quality of its production, which is directly connected to product quality and safety for our customers.
  2. The introduction of a system of critical control points into the manufacturing process of premix and feed enables us to prevent and identify potential risks that could endanger animal health, feed quality and the environment.
  3. All company employees strive to continuously monitor and improve all processes.
  4. Each of our customers receives complete service in the field of animal nutrition, hygiene and health.
  5. Each employee is as much responsible for the quality and safety of our products as is the equipment involved.
  6. Customers are becoming more aware of our company thanks to a systematic approach to training our staff at all levels.
  7. We cooperate only with thoroughly vetted suppliers. The prerequisite for high-quality and safe products is to use only certified raw materials. During the production process, we always keep their effect on both the animals and the safety of the food chain in mind.
  8. The company is striving to enlarge its portfolio of products in addition to boosting the customer awareness of the fact that the quality of Tekro products is guaranteed and that using them is safe.
  9. The principles of our business ethics are based on building up mutual trust with our customers. Maintaining this code of ethics is a priority among our employees. We always protect the information provided to us by our customers and suppliers.
Prague, 1 March 2010
Ing. Tomáš Ondračka, Managing Director

Environmental policy

  1. Abide by all generally binding regulations and respect other requirements for environmental protection during the course of all processes.
  2. Improve environmental conservation in the form of objectives, programmes and precautionary measures in all areas of activities.
  3. When launching new technologies and production processes, use environmentally friendly raw materials and production technology and other procedures related to occupational safety.
  4. Develop and produce only those products and packaging that are environmentally friendly, safe and recyclable or which can be safely disposed of.
  5. Demand that suppliers implement their own environmental policies, including their evaluation according, to the Czech standard EN ISO 14 001.
  6. Conduct staff training on a regular basis according to general laws and ordinances in the field of the environmental system.
  7. Improve occupational safety and health; improve the working environment of employees.
  8. Maintain an open dialogue with the public, with the authorities and other companies in terms of the environmental system.
Prague, 5 January 2006
Ing. Jan Tejnora, company executive
Ing. Miloš Kroc, company executive