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Accredited laboratory

Laboratoř Our accredited laboratory is an important link in the quality assurance of our products. We conduct quality control of the incoming raw material, as well as of the finished products.
The laboratory is certified by the Czech Accreditation Institute, registration no. 136/2010. Certificate of Laboratory Accreditation
We help our customers determine the parameters of the mixtures and other substances which they use in their businesses.

Services we offer:

  • basic chemical analyses of food and feed,
  • fat, dry matter, proteins (nitrogenous substances), saccharides, ash, starch fibres, acidity number of fats, peroxide number of fats,
  • assessment of activity in cereals and food products,
  • assessment of other substances important for nutrition (macro- and micro-nutrients, vitamins A and E,
  • assessment of the anticoccidia robenidine, monenzine and salinomycine,
  • assessment of mycotoxins (DON, T2-toxin, Zearalenon, Ochratoxin),
  • assessment of mass produced veterinary drugs (tetracycline preparations, amoxicillin, some sulphonamides) in premixes, pulvises and feed mixtures,
  • checking the homogeneity of the mixers based on current legislation.

Instruments used:

  • liquid chromatograph Shimadzu LC-10 equipped with a unit for post-column derivatisation, UV/VIS and fluorimetric detector,
  • liquid chromatograph Agilent 1100 Series, with UV/VIS detector,
  • automatic titrator Mettler Toledo T 50 for sll types of titration,
  • AAS spectrophotometer SavantAA by the firm GBC,
  • Dual-beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV-1601,
  • ELISA Reader by the firm Neogen Corp. for assessing mycotoxins using the ELISA method,
  • Analysers made by the firm FOSS for assessing the content of fat (Soxtec HT-2 and Soxtec 2055), proteins (Kjeltec), crude fibre, ADF, NDF and ADL (Fibertec 1020).

Accreditation certificate

Further information:
Mgr. Michal Petreň, tel.: +420 585 004 344,
Ing. Marie Maňasová, tel.: + 420 585 004 316,